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How to Analyze Advantages & Disadvantages Of Best Dishwasher In India


Are you worried about your maid not turning up; the pile of dirty dishes being lined up or looking for a way to bear the tantrums of your maid? 


Not anymore! Now you can sit back and relax. Say goodbye to all your woes related to washing dishes by bringing home a dishwasher.


A dishwasher can be an e-Maid who is available for you 24x7. You don’t have to wait for someone to do the job. Just arrange the utensils in the slots; switch it ON, add some dish wash liquid, give access to water, start it and soon you will have odourless, sparkling clean and hygienic utensils.


The dishwasher is still a new concept in India but is slowly, steadily making its way to everyone’s kitchen.


The best dishwasher in India adds great convenience to several households chores but are they worth investing in terms of the energy consumption and costs involved? To answer this, we have listed down Dishwasher Advantages & Disadvantages in India to help you decide whether it’s the perfect match for you or not. Let’s begin.


What are the advantages of a dishwasher? 


The prime benefit of using the best dishwasher for India has to do with the convenience and comfort of not having to wash dishes manually. All you have to do is load the dishwasher with the dishes and set it to your preferences. Your dishes will be clean within a short period.


  • Water Conservation: A dishwasher uses less water than manual washing of utensils.

  • Long-running capacity: The minimum lifespan of a dishwasher is seven years which is more than enough. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, they can be used more than that.

  • Less electricity: Dishwasher is energy efficient. It uses less than 1.5 units of electricity per cycle. The best dishwasher for India has Eco mode for better energy efficiency and can be used to wash less greasy utensils. The presence of the electric heater in a dishwasher is the culprit behind the consumption of electricity. 


  • Works perfectly for utensils used for Indian style of food : Most of the Indian foods involve spices and oodles of oil that results in a greasy and oily kadhai, bowls and plates. Most of the dishwasher India reviews states that the appliance cannot clean too greasy dishes which is a myth. 


  • Hygienic: A dishwasher can make these soiled dishes sparkling clean and remove tough stains easily in minutes without harming your hand. It has a powerful jet stream which strikes the utensils from every corner.


  • User-friendly: A dishwasher is a user-friendly appliance and a boon, especially for the working women/men. It takes off a load of cleaning utensils now and then. Moreover, the machine is designed in a manner so that it’s easy to understand and operate.


What are the disadvantages of using a Dishwasher? 


A dishwasher is a necessity nowadays, but like other modern conveniences, the appliance does have some drawbacks which are nothing for its number of benefits.


  • While purchasing the best dishwasher in India, it is necessary to ensure that they match Indian utensils. Since Indian utensils are big and sometimes they cannot be placed in a dishwasher.

  • All utensils and dishes are not dishwasher safe.


  • It is not advisable to wash the non-stick utensils in a dishwasher as the coating will wear off because of hot water and harshness of the detergents.


  • In case the utensils are not stored well, some utensils might get damaged.


The market of dishwashers has been steadily growing in India and these are now designed specifically for Indian kitchens. While purchasing, make sure to go for the dishwasher that supports the Indian utensils.



Water conservation

Requires regular maintenance

Long-running capacity

Some tableware won’t work

Less electricity

Burnt utensils take 2–3 washes to get completely cleaned

Works perfectly for Indian style of food

It may deform some utensils if you don’t store them properly.


Requires specific soap 

Final Talk 

Washing dishes has never been so easy before the advent of the best dishwasher. The appliance is a convenient and hygienic device that is easy to use and involves fewer efforts.


To know the best options, visit K2 Appliances. We have listed the top models with dishwasher India reviews that have been rigorously tested and are worth buying. The buying guide will help you narrow down your choice and help you choose the one that fits you.


So, take a thorough glance and pick the one that you love.